False ceilings & wall Paneling

False ceiling can add dramatic touch to a room’s interior design. The fifth wall, the ceiling, no longer needs to remain a neutral shade of white. From color to dimensional surface design, a paint treatment to a ceiling adds a bit of punch and unexpected color to the area. Here are eight faux paint tips on enhancing the ceilings in a home or business.

For painting a whole room, a faux finish is probably a better choice. Faux painting finishes can include many different processes such as sponge and rag painting, dragging and frottage painting, stone and marble finishes as well as antique and distressed effects. The best finishes for walls are dragging and frottage painting.

These processes can be used to create a wallpaper look with either regular or random patterns. Sponge painting can also be a good choice for faux finishing walls; the finish pictured here is a combination of sponge painting over a frottage finish. Most sponge painting effects using one or two applications are best suited for a bathroom or kid’s room.

For the more grown–up areas of the house, dragging and frottage will accent decor with more sophistication. A traditional art that’s making a big comeback provides the most opportunity for originality. Although you can buy stencils ready-made, it’s really very easy to come up with your own unique designs. Be aware that each layer of color in a design will require a separate stencil; whenmaking your own you’ll need to take care that they match up and that the “bridges” are not so thin that paint will bleedunder them.

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