Tempus Group is a multi dimensional group, providing services for Interior Design and Decoration, Construction & renovation,Wooden Work and Furniture, False ceiling and paneling and much more.

Tempus Group has a team of well-qualified personnel and a disciplined management, which is outstandingly creative. We have attained thorough proficiency at providing total solutions and products for well-designed and well-furnished homes or offices or hotels, including custom designed furniture and furnishings like drapery rods, curtains, dining tables & chairs, sofas & cots.

Our vast experience in the field of interior designing, architectural design, and home, office & hotel décor has helped us refine our process. Our personnel are highly qualified and well experienced with a commitment to customer satisfaction and outstanding results. We supervise every step of the interior designing & execution process. We build a solid and a long lasting working relationship with every client and supplier.

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