Interior Decoration

The Interior Decoration industry revolv es around creativity and the use of multiple ideas. At Tempus Group you will find a web site full of useful information that will inspire you to generate your own interior design ideas for free. It is so easy because this site cov ers bathrooms, color, bedrooms, soft furnishings, furniture history, makeov ers, lighting, construction, interior design and decoration tips and more.

Free interior design downloads help with design processes and color schemes dev eloping your skills as an interior designer or decorator. Tempus Groupoffers you a great way to try out interior decorating and design as a career option by using our free online design education recourses, including color, decorating and curtain design. Try your hand at the recourses now or simply browse through the website and get ideas for your home renovation or remodelproject.

Color is the most important part of interior decorating. Everything we see has color and we need to be able to select color to enhance the space we want to decorate. That entails choosing multiple colors, and can become overwhelming. That is why we hav e broken down the colors to show their meanings, we profile, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, gray and brown.We also show how to combine these colors using the color wheel; this is a simple formula to enable you to make informed color scheme decisions, red schemes, orange schemes, yellow schemes, green schemes, blue schemes and